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A brief cradling

In the space between evening and night

eyes half-shut against the last

copper rays

of a sun we know

is not

really dying

we walk in silence just


the reach of the sea

something is shining

call it silver

a sliver of bright

shining something

moving so

alive and looking

up the only way

possible with one

dark eye

that should be without

expression so what

should I be feeling why


my heart beating in time

with the ebb and the flow

perhaps a trick of the light

but what possesses me

to pick it up

a chill flick across my fingers

and a brief cradling

before I send it quick

mercurial flash

against the duller sky

falling towards a second chance

received within the deep

covering water

my hand still

outstretched until you

reach out and hold

me safe

and make of it

what you will

© Marion Adams 2016





This overshadowing,

even though expected,

still thrills. We step outside.

Our slow, sleep-slurred words

falter as the concrete steals the bed-warmth

from near-naked feet.

It takes some seeing, oh but when we do,

the frisson: this otherness, this unfamiliar

rubbed-out red that’s neither blood nor bloom,

brazenness subdued,

blush hued,

amber to ember.

To our left, a light flicked off.

We sense the shape at the window stare

at us staring. The restless earth rolls on,

and all becomes the shadow.

© Marion Adams 2015

Friday, 13th June 2014


Bees brave summer rain

for this hedgerow happening:

a wild rose opens.

Photo & text © Marion Adams 2014



Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Moving reflection

on the dark pond’s tense surface:

light glimpsed within light.

Photo & text © Marion Adams 2014

Tuesday, 24th September 2013


Summer dies slowly.

The hedgerow wears mourning jewels:

ripe elderberries.

Photo & text © Marion Adams 2013

Monday, 12th August 2013


Revealed in sunlight,

black opal iridescence:

the fly’s true colours.

Photo & text © Marion Adams 2013

Wednesday, 7th August 2013


She flirts and dances;

alighting briefly, she wreaks

delayed destruction.

Photo & text © Marion Adams 2013

Monday, 5th August 2013




as gift. Scent of green and red.

Soaked geraniums.

Photo & text © Marion Adams 2013

Tuesday, 14th May 2013


Gorse asserts itself

in the shadow of the copse

incongruous fire

Photo & text copyright Marion Adams 2013

Monday, 6th May 2013


Stripped branches strain back,

defiance proving futile.

Wind always prevails.

Photo & text © Marion Adams 2013